What is the DJ Visuals Builder

The DJ Visuals Builder is an online tool to give artists, promoters & labels access to production-grade visuals for a fraction of the typical costs involved when creating custom visual content.


 Our Mission

Our mission is to fill the void for anyone in the music industry whom could never before reach their fullest potential by offering affordable, customizable and accesible tools to strengthen their brand and expand their stage presence. We have designed an online solution which provides visual mixes to users without knowledge of video design, so they can focus on what counts:

Customizing and tailoring their mix to achieve their desired atmosphere. without the added costs of labour, Visuals Operators or technical knowledge. This allows us to offer our product to the masses at a competitive price.


 Our Methods

To achieve our mission we have made available our ever expanding library of media to the world. In the process of creating this service we have streamlined every technical aspect of media production and made those options available within a handy online order form.

Giving you full control of the visuals without possessing the required knowledge to make the visuals yourself. We are continually expanding our service to allow our users to customize their visuals to a deeper extent. 

Meet The Team..

Kaine Van Riel
CO-FOUNDER / head designer

Kaine Van Riel, also known as Artificially Awake has been a leading designer in this industry for over a decade. Gaining notoriety for his work with the most iconic Artists, Festivals, Clubs & Tours globally.

Josh Van Riel

Josh Van Riel, also known as Studio Slave, has been teaching electronic music production & DJ practice for several years. He also hosts events, runs two record labels & manages a DJ webhosting service.

alfie hawker
Head of operations

Alfie Hawker works in event production & stage management. His expertise is in programming live sound & lights. When he’s not at work, he is building customised high-power PA systems.