About us

DJ Visuals Builder is a production and visual content design company. We produce and sell sets of tools & products to give artists, promoters & labels access to production-grade visuals for a fraction of the typical costs involved when creating custom visual content. whether this be for projection mapping customized structures or standard LED walls.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to fill the void for anyone in the music industry whom could never before reach their fullest potential, by offering affordable, customizable and accessible tools to strengthen their brand and expand their stage presence.

We have designed a solution which provides customizable visuals and video-mapping designs to users without knowledge of video design, so they can focus on what counts:

The Team

Josh Van Riel

Josh Van Riel, Owner of Studio Slave – Online Ableton Training, has been teaching electronic music production & DJ practice for over a decade. He hosts live events, runs two record labels & manages our web-development.

Kaine Van Riel

Kaine Van Riel, formerly Artificially Awake, has been a leading designer in this industry for over a decade. Gaining notoriety for his work with the most iconic Artists, Festivals, Clubs & Tours globally. He founded DJVB because he wanted to make world-class visual spectacle’s affordable for all.

alfie hawker
Head of operations

Alfie Hawker runs his own event production & stage management enterprise. His expertise lies within programming live sound & lights. When he’s not at work, he is building customized high-power PA systems.