What does the DJ Visuals Builder do?

The DJ Visuals Builder is an online service which gives DJ’s and Promoters the ability to order customized visuals for their event or online presence. 

The intuitive online form gives hundreds of options; from which visual clips to use, the animatable properties, styling, colours, logo upload & animation as well as the option to upload your own audio files to be embedded directly into the mix.

How long does it take?

Please allow a 3 day lead time. We aim to have download links emailed to your email address within 48 hours at the earliest. During busy periods lead times may extend to 5 business days.

How much does it cost?

The DJ Visuals Builder is designed to make production level visuals available to anyone who wants them. 

Our aim is to bring the average price of customized visuals down from several thousands of euros to a much more affordable €169 for a 10 minute visual mix.

How does it work?

We are able to offer our service at such a low price through offering media which on it’s own is unbranded. Our autonomous algorithms apply your animated logo on top of your visuals selection. Our servers then interpret your form submission and produce a visual mix tailored to your specification. Once the mix passes quality control, a download link is sent directly to your email address.

How long is the visuals mix?

The visuals mix is 10 minutes in length. If you opt to enable and upload your own audio for the mix, then the final duration is shortened to match the duration of your audio.

The visuals mix is designed to be set on a playback loop for the duration of a DJ set to heighten the stage presence of the DJ, label, event or brand.

How do I use my visuals?

Visuals can be used anywhere. On venue TV screens, On LED walls, projected onto a surface, or posted online.

We deliver the visuals as one long video file ( so you can either simply plugin a laptop, or give this to a venue, VJ or promoter, whom will be able to display it at an event or on venue screens.

Will there be more visuals added to the library?

Our library of content is updated quarterly with fresh visuals, new animation styles and presets for you to choose from.

We also regularly update additional options and controls so you can customize your mix and logo/branding to another level. The video effects are constantly being developed and updated to ensure that no two mixes are similar.

Can I see more examples?

To view more examples of the DJ Visuals Builder. Please visit the DJVisualsBuilder YouTube channel.

All users orders are confidential unless permission has been given for us to publish their mix online.

Only example content is uploaded to our youtube channel.

Do you offer a bespoke visuals service?

If you are looking for specific visuals we have multiple options:

  • Create a ticket by using the “Request” form at the bottom of this page. We review all requests and endeavour to implement as many as we can into the service.
  • Use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch if you require highly customized work and we shall respond personally.


What format do my visuals come in?

Mixes are provided as HD Video files.

1920 x 1080 pixels Resolution.
Progressive frames.
30fps frame rate. with H264 encoding.

Can I add my own text/logo?

Yes. You can type your DJ name into our text tool and then apply animation presets to this. Or if you already have your own logo you can upload it to the order form and will then be presented with the various animation options available for image logos.

We also support uploading a still image which is constantly displayed on screen without any animation applied. (This was a common request from DJ’s.)

Can I add my own audio?

Visual mixes typically do not require audio to be embedded, as of course… The DJ is usually in charge of thumping out the tunes!

But in some cases, DJ’s or Promoters wish to promote their event or new release via social media. Our videos are perfect for that.

In these cases we will shorten the visuals mix to the duration of your audio.

*Please be aware that if you choose to embed audio into your mix, and post the mix online, you may be causing copyright infringement If you do not own the rights to the music.

Can the visuals be BPM synced?

By default the mixes follow a 4×4 beat signature. This can be sped up or slowed down by a VJ. If you have opted to include audio, our servers will automatically determine the BPM of your audio and align the visuals so they are beat-matched.

Do I get the visuals seperately?

We cannot offer the visuals seperately. This service is for a continuous mix of visuals which includes your logo animated on top as an overlay.

If you wish to purchase VJ content as individual clips (For VJ software) please visit our shop page.

What colour options are there?

Our online form uses colour swatches. So you can either type or colourpick any colours you wish, or alternatively you may type in RGB or Hex values.

We currently offer Single colour, Dual colour or Default colouring options.

Further video effects may also contain colour options.

Do I need software to use my visuals?

No specific software is required to play the visuals. However if you wish to use your visuals in particular environments you may want to check first with a technician or venue to ensure the video file can be played. Occasionally you will be required to convert the video to specific formats to use them on LED walls or on televisions.

Can I add my own footage or face to the mix?

We are currently developing a new feature which will allow our customers to upload their existing visuals to the mix. (If they already have some visuals from elsewhere)

Even more excitingly! We are developing a feature which will allow users to upload footage of themselves which will have effects applied dynamically to give a three-dimensional affect among a whole host of new particle features.

Will my visuals work in resolume?

Yes. Athough depending on the Resolume version and your operating system, You may need to convert the video file to Resolumes native DXV3 codec. More information about this can be found on their website.

Can I request a certain style of visual?

Requests for specific loops or animations can be made on this page using the “Request Form”.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you can’t find the answer to your question above or if you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help you.

If you have any specific visuals requests for future packs then please use the visuals request form.

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