Box Mapping Toolkit V2 is a Projection Mapping Toolkit designed to allow you to create highly complex 3D Projection mapping illusions, Design custom Structures and render the content to an automatically-generated 4k Pixelmap.
The Kit includes Pre-rendered content (Standard Version) as well as After Effects & Element 3D Projects & templates (Pro Version) for customers whom wish to use our Dynamic Angle Content & Structure Designer + Other templates and tools.
This is a highly versatile product designed over many months to help you create spectacular Projections for your clients, expand your brand & save time. We have implemented a new FTP based download portal to allow our customers to download automatically, Quickly and efficiently.
Full Tutorials series on the tutorials page.
Product Specifications (pre-rendered content)

✔️ 38 Cube Animations in 4k Pixelmap (38 Animations)
✔️ All animations multiplied by 58 Angles. (2,204 files)
✔️ All animations available as DXV3 or MP4 (4,408 files)
✔️ Full FTP Download setup guide & Access.
Product Specifications (templates & tools)

✔️ Modular 3D Projection Content. Any-Angle Control.
✔️ Automated Pixelmap Generation.
✔️ Automated Unwrapping to Pixelmap.
✔️ Perspective Compensation to Camera-Position.
✔️ Audio Reactivity built into specific scenes
✔️ Full Guides & Install instructions included
✔️ Custom Structure Designer Tool. Auto-Pixelmapped.
✔️ Full FTP Download setup guide & Access.
✔️ Integrate 3D Logo & Text for Brand Presence.
✔️ Full Video Tutorial series (Tutorials Page)