Box Video-Mapping Toolkit V2.0 Standard

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Box Video-Mapping Toolkit V2.0 Standard

Box Video-Mapping Toolkit V2.0 Standard Version
38 x 4K Looped Cube Visuals (Media & Tools) (1,102 files.)
Details: 38x Cube Animations x58 Viewing perspectives (Front/Rear dual-perspectives rendered).
Details: 8x Structure Designs with Sets of Pre-mapped 3D media Ready-To-Go. (608 files.)
Format: 4096 x 2160, 1.9:1 Pixel-mapped content, 30fps. Sync: 14 frames per beat (128bpm.)

Pre-Unwrapped & Pixel-mapped 3D mapping content.
Designed specifically to create illusionary 3D effects of animating cubes on cubic surfaces..
Includes video tutorials & video guides for getting started.

  • Pre-Rendered 3D Projection Mapping Content.
  • Pre-Rendered Angular Perspectives Loop Sets
  • Pre-Rendered Structure Loop Sets (Pixelmapped & Perspective)
  • Full User Guides & Video Tutorials.

If you wish to make use of the additional files, such as: After Effects Project-files & templates included with this product please check out the PRO version.