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Free Box Video Mapping Samples | V1


free video mapping loops and content. Free Video Mapping Loops - DJVB Free downloads for projection mapping
Free Box Video Mapping Samples | V1


Product Item: 3x video mapping loops | free download.

This free download is for 3x video mapping loops as a free download. These samples are taken from the larger parent product "Box mapping pack V1" The full product features 37 loops in 4K Resolution. click the hyperlinks on this page to see the full parent product.


Frame Rate: 30fps. Aspect Ratio: N/A Pixel-mapped Resolution: 3840 x 2160p (Progressive Scan) Description: Pre-Unwrapped cube-net projection mapping content. Designed specifically to create illusionary 3D effects of animating cubes on box shaped objects. Seamless looping pixel-mapped content files for video mapping, live events, DJ Sets, VJs, Stage Decor & Props.

Filetypes & Download:

These free loops are available to download as DXV3 for QT codec which are within .MOV or .MP4 filetype containers. These loops are pixel-mapped to an un-wrapped 3 sided cube-net. (Pixelmap template provided in the free download or by clicking this hyperlink) For more information on pixel-mapping and the format of this content, please refer to the free tutorial provided on this page and our tutorials page. For specific filetype and download size information please visit the full parent product page here.


All of the free video mapping samples are instantly downloadable via your account download area, which can accessed by logging into your account here. alternatively, if you wish to use guest-checkout: find the download links in your order-confirmation email. 


These video files are intended to be video projection mapped (The process of pinning from the pixelmapped version of the loops, and displaying these distorted images back onto real world objects from within a projection mapping software package) This process reverse engineers the optical distorted images so that it appears optically correct when projected onto a real geometric surface (in this case: a cube). DJVB recommends Resolume VJ software for this task. Our free beginner tutorial is recorded using resolume. find that tutorial on this page. Resolume generously offer a free trial on their website, where you will also find the smooth playback DXV3 video codec. For more information on the DXV3 codec, & Resolume VJ software or training: visit resolume's website at


Did you know: The free samples on this page are from an older product (37 loops unwrapped and ready to be projection mapped on to cubes.) However this older-version product is rendered from a single specific angle, meaning the resulting projection mapping has an set-viewer perspective for any observer. If diverging too far from this sweet-spot the projection mapping will appear to distort. This is natural and to be expected, but if you intend on creating more complex, or dynamic video mapping: consider purchasing our more advanced product "Box Mapping Toolkit V2.0 Pro"



We have since released "Box Mapping Toolkit V2 Standard" & "Box Mapping Toolkit V2.0 Pro" which are much more advanced products, with superior features & tutorials. V2.0 includes 100x the amount of pre-rendered content. Dynamic viewing angles. Templates & Tools for implementing branding & logos. Pre-designed structures, As well as the "Custom Structure Designer Tool" for generating content specific to your own custom stages & designs. Plus many more After Effects project-files / tools & templates. View all our available cube mapping toolkits here.

View Box Mapping Toolkit V2.0 Pro

File Quantity - 3 x 4K Pixelmapped Cube Visuals (Looped)
Resolution - 3840 x 2160p (Displace 2 Panoramic sample is 4096 x 1024p)
Aspect Ratio - N/A pixel-mapped content
Frame Rate - 30fps progressive scan
BPM to FPS animation ratio -  14 frames per beat (128bpm)

Filetype / filesize options
Quicktime PNG+ | 1x .ZIP Archives | 3.59GB total
Quicktime DXV3+ | 1x .ZIP Archives | 1.77GB total
MP4 H.264 Codec | 1x .ZIP Archives | 35MB total

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Depending on your purchase, downloadable files are hosted via GoogleDrive / DJVB file-server. Please ensure you have appropriate download speed to download larger filesize products. You can check file-sizes for your download file-type on the "specifications" tab.

Filetype / filesize options
Quicktime PNG+ | Lossless filetype with Alpha Channel where applicable.
Quicktime DXV3+ | Resolume VJ software's native encoding for smooth playback.
MP4 H.264 Codec | Low filesize compression for faster downloads.

For more information on Resolume VJ Software & the DXV3 codec please visit their website by following this link: