Dual Stacks Structure Mapping Loops Set


Dual Stacks Structure Mapping Loops Set

Video Mapping loops set: Dual Stack Structure (6 Cubes)
This item is a full set of 38  cube animations, Rendered from an optimal viewing perspective (shown in the product image). These renders are un-wrapped to the included template/pixelmap.  Allowing our customers to easily projection-map these loops back onto a cubic structure with all the laborious pre-production taken care of. Ensure to check out our tutorials page.

Product Details:
38x 4K Looped visuals. Unwrapped, Pixel-mapped & Pre-Rendered to 4K Template.
Designed specifically to create illusionary 3D effects of animating cubes on cubic surfaces.
Note: Projection-Mapping software is required (Software recommendation: www.resolume.com)




  • Structure mapping loops set.
  • 38x Perspective Renders.
  • 38x Pixelmapped Renders.
  • 1x Pixelmap Reference Guide.
  • 77x Total files


  • Resolution: 4096 x 2160 (Pixelmapped Renders)
  • Resolution: 3413 x 1920 (Raw Perspective Renders)
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.9:1
  • Framerate: 30fps.
  • Filetypes: DXV3 .mov for Resolume | MP4 for alternative playback



  • Download direct from your online downloads area.
  • QT/DXV3 - Resolume VJ software's native encoder.
  • MP4 - Alpha Channels included where applicable.
  • Google Drive Sync / Folder Share URL.
  • FTP Download Access crecentials upon request.

Go Pro


  • The Box Mapping Toolkit V2 Pro includes all mapped loop sets.
  • Templates for After Effects & Element 3D users designing efficiency.
  • Tools for full Dynamic Angle control.
  • Add & Animate custom 3D Logos and text.
  • Create entirely customized structures using the Structure Designer Tool.
  • For more information check our our “Toolkits” product pages.



  • All products include free video tutorials & training
  • Tutorials can be found on our tutorials page here.
  • Product Brochure - Help, Troubleshooting, Licenses, can be found here.
  • T&C's, Privacy, Usage & Refund Policy can be found here.

Video Mapping for DJ’s, Promoters & Events. Show-Ready projection mapping content is here! designed to get you up and running in minutes! Our pre-prepared Video-mapping Structure Sets can be built from modular cube shapes, boxes, or frames. Follow our included video tutorials to get up and running with projection mapping and best practices. All structure sets have been carefully designed to be re-producible using only a single projector. The downloadable files in this product include 38x awe-striking unwrapped Animations, rendered to video files which when projected back on to a cubic surface, then re-creates the original 3D illusionary effects right in front of your eyes.

DJVB takes great pride in providing high budget production grade visuals to the masses for a fraction of the cost. Impress the audience at your next show. Dazzle clients at your new launch. Or get trippy at a party or event! Full 4K resolution, 30fps, DXV3 & Quicktime files, provided. With both pixel-mapped and original perspective renders included. After-Effects not required, All you need is VJ software and a projector! Please note: No physical structure is included in this purchase, This product is comprised of downloadable files.