Pan 75 Tilt 25 – Clip 0001


Pan 75 Tilt 25 – Clip 0001


Single Looped Clip (Specific Angle) – 1x Files. 2x Unique Pixelmapped Views.

Item: 1 x  4K Looped Pixelmapped Visual for Video-Mapping.

Format: 4096 x 2160 QT (Png/Jpg/Mp4/Dxv3)

1.9:1 Pixel-mapped content, 30fps.

Sync: 14 frames per beat (128bpm.)

This is a single Individual loop – Pre-Rendered from the angle specified,

Unwrapped, Pixel-mapped & Pre-Rendered to 4K Template.

This loop is part of the wider parent-product: Box Mapping Toolkit V2.0.


Pre-Unwrapped & Pixel-mapped 3D mapping content.

Designed specifically to create illusionary 3D effects of animating cubes on cubic surfaces.

Instant download from download-area

+ FTP & Google-Drive Sync Options

File Type

DXV3 + MP4